First weeks of first everything

Becoming a mum, a parent and a family of three is so overwhelming and emotional. Before giving birth, I was so curious to see how I would feel – I had heard people saying it is kind of like being in love. It is just really hard to imagine before it actually happens.

Little Alexander was born the 2nd of November 2017, and since then I have been completely and utterly in love with him.

Being only 16 days old, we have already been experiencing so many things together for the very first time. Sometimes when people haven’t watched a really good TV show on Netflix, I kind of envy them, because they have so much to look forward to. If I multiply that with 100,000 that is how it feels to do things with Alexander for the first time. It is so big!

Before reading below, I want to emphasise that I am living in a baby bubble at the moment (!).

So here are some of our firsts…

Holding Alexander for the first time
I was in a state of euphoria and happiness when he was put on to my chest. It was by far the most mind-blowing experience that I have ever had. In the days after giving birth, I really missed that moment, and thought about it a lot. I even missed the whole labour-and-giving-birth-part, because of the feelings it brought with it. With that being said – I am not counting on going back to the delivery suite anytime soon.

Driving home from the hospital
When we were driving home from the hospital, I told Gio that everything looked different. Our road, our flat. Everything. I guess your world really do change when your baby decides it is time to enter the world, and I felt that immediately. All of a sudden, some things loose importance (like putting on mascara or sleeping thoroughly through the night) as my world now revolves around Alexander. Becoming a mum is unique and cannot really be explained.

Missing your baby when he takes a long nap
This is apparently a thing. You can actually miss someone when he is right next to you. And I do. I just want to hold him, cuddle him and kiss him all the time. When he wakes up from a long nap or when we wake up in the morning, I am so ready to take him into my arms.

The first stroll
This was so much fun. I remember being 12 years old when my baby brother was born, and me and my best friend spent hours walking around with a real baby in the stroller. It was kind of the same feeling, but this time with my husband pushing the stroller. That has been something I have always dreamt of, and now the moment is here. I am so proud of belonging to a great team of us three.

Seeing my husband as a dad
This makes my heart melt. The other day, when Alexander was laying on his dad’s chest, Gio said that he felt like they were one. That is so sweet and I am so happy for Alexander to have such a cool dad, who is always ready to change a diaper, play with him or just cuddle up – even at 3 am in the morning. It is so sweet to watch how Alexander recognises his dad’s voice and enjoys being kissed a million times on the cheeks, hands and feet.

To me, Gio is the best dad and sweetest husband. He is so patient and rational, which is essential in this hormonal post-pregnancy world.

Putting on my non-preggo tights
Before giving birth, I felt like I could just be pregnant forever. However… Now that my body is slowly getting back into its non-preggo shape, I am so excited about putting on my normal clothes (I have already spent hours on several online shopping websites – dreaming of new clothes). The other day I was wearing normal tights again for the first time… Normal tights! It felt so good.

There are a billion firsts. And as a first-time mum I am completely overwhelmed and full of love, while trying to navigate in Nappy Valley.

Feel free to share some of your most memorable firsts in the comments below or on my Instagram.

Lots of love,

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