Letter to my husband

Dear Gio

Our journey together began many years ago, and since then we have experienced the most beautiful thing – becoming parents to our sweet, happy and beautiful son.

With that has come maternity clothing, breast pads, broken night and sometimes very low tolerance. Please know that this is temporary, and we will get back to ‘us’, only with a bit less sleep and a bit more wrinkles and tons of beautiful memories.

In 40 years we will look back at this, arms wrapped around each other, and smile. Being proud of what we made together, how much we went through and the endurance our relationship managed. We will think of this time as one of the hardest times for ‘you and I’, but also the most life shaping.

But before we reach that moment, there will be challenging years ahead of us. I know I will have days where I will be without any energy for ‘you and I’, because of long nights and too much washing, cleaning, teething and working (all at the same time). It has nothing to do with ‘you and I’. And I know our relationship is strong enough to conquer the tough moments.

I love you to the moon and back a million times – no matter how tough life seems and how un-focused I may be. I love you more than you know. You have made me a wife, a mother and one lucky potato. I am so grateful for this. Remember this forever.

Yours forever


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