My 2018

My birthday is in January, so to me January is not only the month where a new year begins but also the month where I turn a year older. This means a double-up-opportunity to look ahead on the year to come.

3 things I am looking forward to

  1. I became a mum in November 2017 – our little Alexander has turned our world upside down and is one big bundle of love. He brings us so much happiness and joy, and I love every minute with him. He is already growing up so fast, and in November we will be celebrating his first birthday. It’ll probably feel like I only just blinked, so I will try to enjoy every single moment with him, as he grows out of his baby clothes and I grow into my mama-role.
  2. Vacation is on the schedule for 2018. In February we will be going skiing with my family and I can’t wait to spend some relaxed days with them, and breathing in the fresh mountain air.
    For our wedding last July we got a lot of money to spend on travels, so right now we’re juggling between various warm destinations for an October getaway. Any recommendations for toddler-friendly destinations are welcomed (!).
  3. Looking for a bigger place. I love the flat where we are living now, but it is indisputable that at some point we need something bigger. Also, I really enjoy the area where we are living, so I would like to stay in the area. As these things are easier said than done, I am not expecting that it will be easy, and it may take some time. So, for now I am really enjoying where we live, but will look forward to looking for our next home (and when that’s done, I REALLY look forward to decorating – I love love love that).



3 things I want to treat myself with

  1. Enjoying my maternity leave and time with our son is on top of this list. Maternity leave is a prerogative, which (unfortunately) not every woman or man have. A new job is on the agenda for 2018, but first and foremost spending time with our little A.
  2. Getting back into shape. And yes – this is a treat. Being a full-time mama doesn’t give you much time to focus on yourself. I did a lot of yoga during pregnancy and have always been active but growing a baby does put it marks on your body. Being the best mama, is, to me, equal to being able to play and do stuff together. I started baby yoga with little A last week, but soon I will make sure to go for a run every weekend, while Gio is looking after little A.
  3. I would like to treat myself with some classics for my closet. I have fallen in love with the shirts from WNU – boyfriend shirts fitted to the female body. It looks luxurious and classy and can be used for both work (with a pair of tight black trousers) and pleasure (adding a big pair of earrings).


3 things I want to be better at

  1. I want to get better at asking for help and receiving help. I have quite a high level of activity, and often find myself running around fixing things, because it is easier to just do it myself. I end up being quite agitated and annoyed that other people (read: my hubby) doesn’t do the same and cannot read my mind. Therefore – asking for help and letting others do things their way will make my everyday more relaxed, as well as I will be a much happier camper.
  2. Spending time with family and friends is important to me. And when your most of your friends and your whole family lives in another country, I will make sure to dedicate time and energy on nurturing current friendships, and growing new ones in London. Allocating time is a priority and surrounding myself with good people is a treat.
  3. Being fiercer when it comes to go get what I want career-wise. As I am very effective and thorough, I have a history of working myself too hard and putting too many hours into a job that I don’t really like. This year is the year of a new job, and I will make sure to put my energy and time in something that makes 100% sense to me and is without a doubt worth while.



Love P

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