‘Fagiolo’ is Italian and means bean. I have chosen this name for my blog as this is a word I have heard many times since I first met Giovanni – it is one of those words that have kind of stuck in my mind.

What is a bean anyway? According to the dictionary it is a seed produced by a plant, and from which, when it is planted, a new plant can grow. I like the idea of growing.

As a person you can grow physically; changing body size, hair colour or even clothes. You can also grow mentally, in terms of existence, your perception of the world around you, growing an interest or growing into a role.

I believe we are subject to constant growth. Most of the time we grow because of what happens around us, choices we make and things that happen to us – which we cannot master or control. And I believe in learning from changes, processes and growth. As hard as it may be.

I am currently growing into the role of being a wifey (even though it does not feel that different than being a girlfriend), growing into a life in London (just moved here from Copenhagen in January), and growing into the role of becoming a mother (HELP! No experience and all advice is welcome).

I created this blog to share some of this growth with you – perhaps even growing a network with fellow moms-2-be, yoga-lovers, retail- and décor-addicts, career-minded women and what else we have got going on.