8 things that have made my preggo-life a sweet treat

1. Bread with butter

First (and most important) on the list, is my all-time guilty pleasure, which has only grown immensely during the past 8 months. Bread with slightly salted butter. I have mainly been baking my own carrot-rolls, as I LOVE melted butter on freshly baked bread. The butter has to be slightly salted, and as a Dane I can only recommend Lurpak, which can be bought in almost any grocery shop.
(I will share the carrot-rolls recipe another time)

2. Yoga

Since I found out I was pregnant, I have preferred not making any kind of sport or exercise which was too ‘bumpy’ or ‘jumpy’, and therefore I have been doing tons of yoga. Yoga has allowed me to get sweaty, maintain core strength as well as practising the act of breathing and staying grounded (which is supposed to be good during labour).
I have been practising yoga mainly at home, using – I am sure there are many good English equivalents (please do write your suggestions in the comments below, if you know of any).

3. Preggo trousers

Even though it took a while for the bump to show, I quickly felt like not having anything pushing my belly. Therefore I bought a good pair of black jeans from H&M and a pair of classic black trousers from Seraphine, which I have been practically living in since I bought them and they have saved my outfit several times.

4. Sneakers

Yep… My feet have been growing big time. Full of water. They have practically been practising the art of escaping my shoes while I was wearing them. I probably traumatised my sister’s boyfriend and at a recent wedding I tried to lead the attention away from my feet, by wearing an attention-grabbing leopard kimono (it worked). Either way, I love my sneakers, as they allow my feet to be as big as they want – no questions asked.

5. Preggo apps

I have been really excited about using pregnancy apps to follow the growth of the baby as well as what happens with me and my body during the pregnancy. Especially in the beginning, when you can’t see or feel the baby(-bump), it is nice to be able to read about what’s going on on the inside of your belly. I have been using Danish apps (recommended by my mum-friends in Denmark), but there are many English equivalents.

6. Bargain hunting

I love a good bargain (!), and I quickly found out that having a baby can get really expensive. So, I have been chasing good bargains, and have ended up with (among others) an iCandy Peach stroller with carrycot in black magic (one third of the retail price!), a crib, as well as a baby carrier and tons of (branded) clothes spending less than a third of the normal price.
My favourite go-to places are
Fara Kids shops around London
Gumtree, which I guess we all know..
Reshopper, which is a free app where parents (and parents-in-the-making) can buy and sell all things kids.

7.Good advice from friends, my mum and Italian zia-in-law

I have quite a few friends back in Denmark with children, and they have been my go-to-source when it comes to what to buy and where to find it. What better way to get advice, than from the coolest mama’s I know.
My mum has, besides good advice, been my go-to when it comes to just talking about what is going to happen, how it is going to happen, what to expect and all those things you cannot prepare for, but really need to talk about.
Finally, my husband’s aunt is a gynaecologist and has been receiving hundreds of children in her career, so she knows anything about everything. She has been doing extra check-ups every time we have been in Italy, and have been answering all our questions within 5 seconds (can I bike? Is it normal to be achy in the back? Can I eat tuna? Etc. etc…).

8. My sweet hubs

I have – according to myself – the world’s best husband. I know it’s a bit cheesy, but he deserves so much credit for being the sweetest, most loving, patient and caring person to me. He is making sure that I never crave anything, that all my emotional outbursts have a hug waiting no matter how unreasonable I am, he is so enthusiastic (even about bibs and bodysuits) and he is always convinced that this is our most incredible adventure so far. We have to appreciate our sweet and patient significant others along the way, they really do deserve it <3

Feel free to share the things that have made your preggo life a sweet treat in the comments below or on my Instagram. I’m sure we can all use a good advice in the mummy-making-process.

Love P


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