First blog post… ever

The first step is always the hardest… This blog post has taken me more than a month to write, and I have made tons of excuses why I didn’t write it yet. The main excuse being that I have been busy doing other stuff. Procrastination queen.

I already started my Instagram connected to this blog, which was much easier. Taking a picture and writing a few words/a thousand hashtags is much less scary than actually putting together two sentences, and posting it on the internet, where there will (hopefully) be an audience.

Anyway. I am Pernille. I am 30 years old and from Copenhagen. I am expecting a little rock’n’roller to enter this world in November together with my husband (since July!). We live together in Wimbledon, London, where we have been living since January this year.

Since becoming a full-time mom-in-the-making (which happened much sooner than planned – but that I will share a few words on another time), I decided to make a creative outlet. I have always had a passion for baking, drawing, writing my thoughts down in beautiful notebooks, collecting bits and bobs for scrap books and the like, so I thought I’d create an online creative outlet for these kinds of things, which might bring inspiration to others.

I’ll be sharing anything from my life, including baby stuff, my love for décor, serious retail cravings, delicious recipes, travel guides to some of my favourite places, glimpses from our Italian-Danish wedding in Naples this summer, as well as thoughts on career and whatever else there might be on my mind. That’s a mouthful – I know.

My blog is called Fagiolo (it means ‘bean’ in Italian), and you can read more about why that is here.

Feel free to co-share your thoughts on my blog – it would be an honour.


Love P

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