I couldn’t help but wonder #1

As you might be able to recognise, this headline is (probably) the signature phrase of the one and only Carrie Bradshaw’s (SATC). And as I love SATC and often wonder about various things, I thought I’d make this a thing. And this is the first ‘thing’ out of many more to come, where I share with you, some of the things, which makes me wonder…

#1 Why haven’t I discovered the pain au chocolat from Sainsbury’s sooner? It’s so delicious – and cheap.

#2 How can little A already be 3 months old? The other day he rolled from tummy to back (!)

#3 Why is it so hard to find ‘baby friendly brunch place in South West London’ on Google?

#4 What is the difference between ‘I will do something’ and ‘I promise to do something’? According to my hubby promising means you will do it, and the first one means you might do it…

#5 How is it possible to grow a human being for 9 months inside my belly, and then feed him with very ‘locally’ produced milk, making him grow big and strong? Nature is so spectacular!

#6 When long working hours are defined as ‘company culture’ I am on the edge of hysteric word vomit. I wonder why trust is not present in these employee-employer-relationships. From experience, I know that employees working ridiculous hours (note: without purpose!) waste at least 3-4 hours every day, because they’re far too efficient to fill out 10+ working hours per day. This also limits the working space for parents, which bothers me even more. #modernslavery #flexibleworking (I could probably write pages and pages about this!!!)

#7 Why is it so hard to find cute pacifiers in this country? Luckily, I found the ones I have been searching for at And they ship to the UK as well – AND they have tons of other pretty things for children and their mamas.

#8 Why do foxes sound like old witches screaming during the night? It’s so scary, and it took me quite some time to realise what it was…

#9 Where is the reasoning between sqm and house prices in London (and surrounding area)?

#10 Why is there no connection on the tube? Even over ground it’s challenging – the district line is a good example, just saying…

Love P

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