1/ Set from Moumout Paris 2/ Cardigan from Rørstrømsk 3/ Sweater from Zara 4/ Sweater from Zara 5/ Army jacket from Stella McCartney 6/ Quilt from H&M 7/ Bib/scarf from Lilano 8/ Leggings and body from Minimalisma 9/ White tees from H&M 10/ Teddy Tokki from Hvid 11/ Bibs sutter 12/ Cardigan from Joha 13/ Trousers from H&M

Little A is growing, and so is my urge to shop him more clothes. I am obsessed with comfortability, so he can easily move around, plus I love soft fabrics (the set from Minimalisma is 70 % silk! And the bib from Lilano is wool and silk – perfect for drooling as it can easily be wiped off the wool).

We got the army jacket from Stella McCartney (a present from Gio’s sister), and I can’t wait to put him in it – it’s going to be a bit oversized as it is size 2 y, but who’s counting anyway. Ps. It’s on sale now (!).

I often buy clothes a bit bigger than A’s current size, as he looks cute either way, I can use things for longer, it’s better for my wallet and it’s sustainable. Plus, I am always on the look-out for certain things on Reshopper, as children’s second hand is almost unused and much cheaper.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone

Love P

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