Glimpses of happiness from 2017

My 2017 has been a year of many firsts – and most importantly becoming a mum and a wife to my two big loves <3
Below I have collected glimpses of really great moments from 2017.

After living part time long distance since 2013, Gio and I finally moved to the same country.


In January I turned 30. Entering a new decade is big!


In July Gio and I got married in Naples. It was so special and more than I could have hoped for.


Gio and I spent our honeymoon in beautiful Sardinia.


In November I became a mum to my favourite person in the world (how lucky is that!). Now I happily wake up at 4 am to feed and making weird noises in public seems so natural. So much love.

What was your glimpses of happiness from 2017?

Happy new year to all of you <3

Love P

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